We are committed to being a supportive, inclusive, space where job market candidates can share information, get constructive feedback on their materials and – above all – support and celebrate each other as we all go through this process.

By joining the Job Market Slack Channel, you agree to participate in a positive and constructive way, as outlined below. Moderators will remove any members who violate this code of conduct.

Inclusion agreement

This group is open to anyone who (1) feels they would benefit from a community focused on the political science job market and (2) agrees to this code of conduct. Please invite your friends and share this group widely.

Non-anonymity agreement

This is a private, but non-anonymous group. All members are expected to use their real* name and are encouraged to add a picture of themselves to their profile. Users may also wish to add their fields/subfields to the “what I do” section of their profile.

  • To edit your profile, click on the name of the group in the upper left hand corner and select “profile and account”
  • *Real in the sense that this is a name you commonly go by. 

Confidentiality agreement

Any information or content shared through this group is strictly confidential. This means:

  • No screenshots, quotes, or other replications should be shared beyond the Slack group.
  • Content from DMs and private slack channels will remain within those private channels and will not be shared to other Slack channels unless explicitly agreed to by all participants.
  • Membership is confidential. Do not share any information about another person’s membership in this Slack channel without their explicit permission. Some people on the market may not want their institutions to know they are searching, or may otherwise prefer this information to remain private. Individuals are welcome to publicly share their own membership in the group, and members who tweet publicly about their own participation are assumed to have given their explicit permission to have their public tweets shared.

Agreement to build a supportive, welcoming group

Members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional, productive manner and to support a positive experience for all members. Feedback should only be provided when solicited, and should be framed in productive ways — be Review #1, not Reviewer #2. Bullying, harassment, and discrimination will absolutely not be tolerated in any form.

Complaints and grievance procedure

Grievance complaints will be taken seriously. Anyone violating this code of conduct will be banned by the moderators. (Current moderators: Hannah Lebovits and Sarah Shugars). 

We encourage members to do their best to resolve issues informally amongst themselves. All humans make mistakes, and members are expected to genuinely listen to and learn from any raised complaints or concerns. Any member can contact the moderators for support in resolving an issue or to report bullying, harassment, or discrimination.